The Truth About the Birds

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I can’t believe I’m about to share this with you. In reality, I’m sure you’ve seen this before and that’s why you’re here to begin with, but just as a refresher:

My mom started this little blog of hers as a project for a community college class. Like a meme of a grumpy cat, it went viral. Then it spun out of control. That’s how I got the name Sparrow. That’s how you know every miserable detail of my life (or at least you think you do). That’s why I’m here today, writing to you. How would you feel if your mom posted this for the entire world? If you’d feel anything other than sheer mortification, feel free to leave your comments below.

From FEATHER MY NEST circa 7th grade:

It’s not every day your daughter turns into a woman right before your very eyes. They may slowly climb the ladder of maturity, going from frilly socks to mature footwear, from curly pigtails to flat irons. But this weekend was different.

This weekend, my daughter got her period.

I. Can’t. Even.

Seriously, I can’t continue if I want to keep my lunch down.

If you think it can’t get worse, trust me, it does. She continues on about the mother/daughter bonding experience of puberty.

Ugh, I hate that word. Puberty.

There was no bonding. There was no experience. There was my mom announcing to an entire boat of family friends (including my biggest crush) that I’d officially become a woman. There were tears. There were glares. There was no “moment.”

Is that the Mother Bird you picture? No? Well there’s plenty more where that came from.

Read on my friends…read on…

In truth,

Sadie Peck aka Sparrow

What’s Your Favorite Word?

I’ve been a logophile ever since I can remember. The word nerd inside of me can’t resist a multi-syllabic hundred dollar word. Back in high school, I took a class called Word Clues where we nerdily dove into the amazing art of etymology. Not that I sit down and read the dictionary (often), but I’m always on the lookout for another word to add to my vocabulary. Using a new word in conversation gives me an embarrassing wave of excitement.

Word Girl

My four-year old son loves the PBS show Word Girl, which often touts the little ditty, “What’s Your Favorite Word?” Such a loaded question. I have so many! Because I’m a lover of lists (if anyone knows a word for that, please let me know), here, in no particular order, are a list of some of my favorite words I’ve learned throughout my life. You may know them, you may not. Try using these in a sentence this week.

1. Prestidigitation: magic tricks
2. Septuagenarian: a person in their 70’s
3. Inertia: an object at motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force
4. Quagmire: a boggy area of land
5. Triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13
6. Languid: weak, faint or fatigued
7. Onomatopoeia: a formation of a word from a sound associated with what it is named
8. Cacophony: a harsh mixture of sounds
9. Sanguine: optimistic or blood-red (double bonus!)
10. Muckrake: to search for and expose scandal or corruption

These are my favorite words. They may not be earth shattering, nor are they meant to be. These words for some reason, have stuck in my brain since the first day I heard them. I love to use them whenever I get the chance. I actually find myself editing them out of my work. They are great, but they aren’t always so great where I decide to place them in young adult fiction. However, I may just sneak one in every once in awhile for an extra giggle.

So it just begs the question for you…”What’s your favorite word?”

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Evolution of a Young Adult Author

stef wade

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stef Wade and I am a writer. You may know me from my work on cooking and home blog Haute Apple Pie, you may be a fellow writer, young adult novel enthusiast, encouraging friend or perhaps we have the same DNA. Whatever your reason, welcome to, my own little creative corner of the internet.

For those of you visiting from Haute Apple Pie, don’t worry! I will still be hanging out in my kitchen, blogging about my latest recipes. For those of you who prefer take out or store your shoes in your oven, this site probably suits you better.

I do not plan to constantly blog about myself, but I do want to give some background so you can better understand who is writing these words and why. I was born in Chicago and grew up in the northwest suburb of Des Plaines, nestled along the train tracks. My hometown later became the inspiration for my novel, SOMETHING TO PROVE, which I am currently looking to publish.

From the very moment I put pen to paper, I knew writing was my passion. I’ll never forget the one-sided worksheet given for my first second grade creative writing assignment. My large, bubbly words extended far off the front, on to the back and to the extra sheets sitting at the front of the room. I was angry when time was up and we moved onto math. I had more to say.

Early on I dreamed of being a writer and later turned my writing dreams toward more “practical” areas, leading me to a degree in advertising, advanced degree in business administration and a career in marketing. While writing about corrugated cardboard boxes sounds sexy, it only quenches your thirst for creativity for so long. After giving birth to my son, I knew I had two callings. First: to be the best mom I can be. Second: to be the best writer I can be.

Through the turns and turmoils, I thoroughly enjoyed my adolescence and loved my junior high, high school and college experiences. Channeling that time is easy and accessible for me. Because of this, I’m drawn to young adult fiction and have chosen the path of a young adult author.

So here I am! Looking to make my dreams come true. I have a completed young adult contemporary fiction novel titled SOMETHING TO PROVE, for which I’m currently seeking representation and publication.

As for, this is a place where creativity abounds, including inside looks at my latest works, special novel “extras,” poetry, young adult news, good reads, creative writing exercises and more. Whether you are a reader or a writer (or both!), I invite you to join me in my journey. After all, it’s the friends you make along the way that make journeys worth your while.

Thanks for reading!

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