#DIYBookClub: February Romance Read

Love is in the air folks. It’s February and what better way to celebrate the month of love than with a little romance reading. This month’s #DIYBookClub Challenge is to read a romance. Now I’m not talking a pulsating loin, Fabio covered, read in the privacy of your own home romance…or maybe I am. If you’ve never read an “official” romance, give it a try! It’s not all Fifty Shades of S&M, there are so many different types of stories to fit your fancy – paranormal, contemporary, historical, young adult and more!

With that being said, you don’t need to read a “real” romance novel either, just a story about a romance. Since most writer’s love to write about love, the possibilities are endless.


I will be reading the YA contemporary romance Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally. A fun read about a female quarterback who falls in love with the guy vying for her spot on the team.

Looking for ideas?

Paranormal romance: Shameless plug for my friend Hanna Martine’s series, The Elementals, starting with Liquid Lies.

Classic romance: Try Persuasion by Jane Austen (or almost anything else by Jane Austen)

Historical fiction: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

Or check out this list of the best romantic novels of all time.

Let me know what you’re reading to bring some heat to this mid-winter cold.

xo stef wade green




2015 #DIYBookClub Challenge

Ahhh the new year. A time of fresh starts and new beginnings. A time to set resolutions we will give up in two days, two weeks or if you’re really ambitious two months. Lose weight! Find love! Follow my dreams! I find that breaking new year resolutions down to the nitty gritty helps me to stay on task. This year, for example, I aim to take my nail polish off before it diminishes to small spots in the middle of my finger. Small goals. Baby steps. As they say, set the bar low. It’s not that I don’t have huge lofty goals for myself (hello, look at this website) but I don’t necessarily find the new year resolution to be the best goal setting device.

I do like the idea of starting the year out with some ideas that offer room for growth. I was inspired by a reading challenge list PopSugar put out at the end of the year. I love book clubs. I love being given something to read that I may not have grabbed off the shelf. However, sometimes book clubs end up with the same books or you put off reading books you really want to read because of your book club. Problem and Solution! Enter the 2015 #DIYBookClub Challenge. I’m hosting a virtual do-it-yourself book club. Once a month (and a few bonus challenges too), I will post a challenge topic. However that topic pertains to you and your interests, you pick a book to match. The beauty? We can read the same books, or different books, and share our thoughts during and after reading them – right here on this site.

So who’s with me?

Our January challenge is to read:

A book that became a movie 

Book becomes movie

I am vigilant about reading books before I see their movie counterparts (with a few exceptions), so I love this category! I am starting out by reading THE GIVER by Lois Lowry. I’ve had this book on my to-read list for years and have yet to get around to it. The movie is out to rent now and before I watch, I need to read!

What will you be reading? Please share below! Also, follow me on Facebook or Twitter for extra updates and reviews. If you post on social media, let’s use #DIYBookClub so we can follow it together!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

xo stef wade green