PLUTO on Novel Effect!

I’m so excited to announce A PLACE FOR PLUTO written by me, Stef Wade, illustrated by Melanie Demmer, is now available on one of my favorite apps, Novel Effect!

Novel Effect is an app that brings stories to life with soundscapes and voiceovers. The app responds to your voice as you read a book aloud, creating a super fun and engaging story time!

I use Novel Effect in our school library and the kids are always begging to read a “speaker book.” I couldn’t be more excited to have A Place for Pluto in the Novel Effect library.

I had the joy of experiencing the behind the scenes soundscape process with the awesome staff of creators, musicians, and artists. And now Pluto has an actual voice! It’s so adorable, you have to hear it for yourself.

I’m honored to have collaborated on this project and love that I’m still experiencing new things with this very special first picture book I ever wrote.

Novel Effect also makes a great gift for a teacher or a friend!

Find out more at

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